martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

I got u under my skin

This is a very tipical day for a student girl
You know you have to study,
but actually you can't
so you begin to listen to music
yout begin to imagine,
you begin to sing! and u pretend to be a star!
well, perhaps it's not your tipical day.
but I'm sure, some day you'll do it..
voilà .... I must study but.....I don't feel like it!!.

4 comentarios:

akrimi dijo...

hehe...sometimes we feel like that...just as it make u happy, carry on..=)

David Blanch. dijo...

Ohh! Me encanta esta actualización,me siento totalmente identificado!
Lo peor es que cuando más me apetece hacer cosas,es cuando tengo que estudiar,cuando no,me desespero porque no sé que hacer...
un saludo,

Wind-lady. dijo...

A lot of my days look likes your. I know that i have to learn and I do everything except it. I can five times go to the kitchen to bring me some tea.

For example I have to study and I'm sitting on blog now.

Really good photos.

Cuatrojos dijo...

jopeer...q guapisima...